Start the Year off Right: Schedule Your Annual Check-Ups

Somehow it`s already January 31st; the end of the month has arrived! But since it`s still January, I say that for those of us who have fallen off the New-Year`s-Resolution-wagon, January is still the beginning of the year. You can salvage this `beginning of the year` timeframe by taking control of your personal wellness, and scheduling your annual check-ups:

Make an appointment for your physical (men and women, we all know what we need to get checked out by our doctors)

  • Confirm that you`re available for that dentist appointment that you booked months ago, or return to the dentist if you`ve been hiding out
  • Go ahead and book that specialist appointment that you`ve been avoiding – if you`ve been having pain in your feet, and have podiatry visits covered by insurance, get in there!
  • Book your annual appointment to have your eyes checked. I struggle with this one myself because I don`t wear glasses, but it doesn`t make the appointment any less important.

Finding ways to balance work and our personal lives is a challenge for all. And certainly, it can be difficult to find ways to stay healthy despite working long hours and weeks. But it`s easy to make appointments. Getting there is another issue, but truly, the first step to a healthy year is setting the time aside to take care of yourself, and making that a commitment for the new year.

So look up those numbers, make your calls and schedule your dates. When it`s time to go, then you can struggle with time and your attendance. But it`s the end of January 2013. At the very least, go make your appointments!

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