Convince me that I Want to See You Again; Let your Personality Shine in Every Interview

Salary expectations company size and the names of the executive are one thing but where you fit in and in what capacity is something else entirelySome sage advice that job hunters tend to forget is that when you’re sitting across from an interviewer, your job is to convince that person you`re worth spending time with. Put yourself in his/her shoes: would you endorse yourself for that particular role?

I hear time and again that job hunters go into an interview focused on getting the point across that they love the company and really want the job. But is admiration enough to convince someone to hire you? Maybe not. It’s lovely, but it’s one dimensional.

Add depth to your conversation with a hiring manager by showcasing your personality. Have you researched the company thoroughly enough to know their culture? Salary expectations, company size and the names of the executive are one thing, but where you fit in, and in what capacity is something else entirely.  Enthusiasim is great, but organizational fit (the buzz word these days) is often a deciding factor in an interview.

For example, if the organization is known for taking clients out for dinner often, how does that fit in with your lifestyle? Having that kind of insight gives you the opportunity to express whether or not you agree with their conventions and whether you could stomach repeating them on a daily basis.

If you don’t enjoy taking clients out, the company may perceive you as anti-social.  But perhaps you don’t enjoy taking clients out because your approach to maintaining relationships is different; perhaps you connect better on the phone. 

It’s important to realize that your resume is an opportunity to prove that you’re worth investing in; show a hiring manager that you meet the company’s criteria for an ideal candidate. But once you’re sitting across from the person who can either add you to the company payroll or send you home with a lifeless handshake, it’s your turn to convince him/her that you’re worth spending time with.  You’re the kind of person that they want to see walking down the halls because **insert reason here **

Perhaps it’s because you save the company money by connecting more effectively with clients by phone rather than in person.  Or perhaps it’s because your casual approach means that employees feel comfortable being candid with you.  Whatever your personality, make sure the hiring manager understands how it makes you the ideal candidate.

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