How Equitable are Diversity Strategies?

Having a diverse workplace is important. It brings together a variety of perspectives and experiences. It creates an environment that can by dynamic, inclusive and vibrant.

However, some could argue that the best way to see diversity reflected in an organization is to let it happen organically, that is the best people for the job are hired and then diversity results. I believe that diversity strategies do have a place in the workplace however they must prioritize experience and suitability at the forefront in order to be fair. Fairness and equality are just as important in any hiring strategy. In order to have an effective and successful workplace diversity strategies must be equitable.

Diversity strategies should be a part of a broader HR strategy, and not only the main component. Only by making diversity strategies a piece and not the whole part of the hiring process will an organization ensure they are hiring the most suitable and skilled individuals. Therefore I believe that it is very important that diversity strategies be developed with equity in mind in order to ensure success for all employees.

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