SFU Human Resources Students’ Association Spring Soirée: March 25th

On March 25, 2013 the Simon Fraser University Human Resources Students’ Association (SFU HRSA) is hosting their annual networking event  – the Spring Soirée – at the Westin Grand Hotel on Robson Street.

SFU Human Resources Students’ Association Executive

SFU Human Resources Students’ Association Executive

The intention is to create a comfortable atmosphere for students to connect with industry professionals. It’s an excellent opportunity for students to meet people they hope to be working alongside in the future, while learning to market their skills in a setting outside of the classroom.  This unique event benefits the Multiple Sclerosis Society through ticket sales, a 50/50 draw, and a silent auction.

For people working in HR, or looking to recruit fresh HR professionals, the event is an ideal opportunity to meet the next batch of SFU grads before being inundated with their resumes at the end of the school year.

Mike Wong and Jocelyn Tang

Mike Wong and Jocelyn Tang

I connected with Jocelyn Tang, the Sponsorship Acquisitions’ Coordinator at the SFU HRSA at a BC HRMA event, and she was happy to respond to the following questions:

1. What is your role at the SFU Human Resources Students’ Association?

I am the Sponsorship Acquisitions’ Coordinator and I work closely with the Project Manager and the Logistics Coordinator for the Spring Soirée.

A part of my role is to seek monetary and in-kind supporters for our event, but I also take part in promotions and liaise with keynote speakers.

2. Can you give me a bit of background about the Spring Soirée? How long has the SFU HRSA been hosting this event?

The Spring Soirée is the SFU Human Resources Students’ Association’s annual networking event. This is the second year that we are hosting the event. This year we would like to focus on Health & Wellness, with keynote speakers from Lululemon and Coast Capital discussing how they integrate Health & Wellness into their corporate offices. We are inviting Human Resources Management students, as well as industry professionals to network at the Spring Soirée. In addition, we are proud to be benefiting the Multiple Sclerosis Society, with proceeds from our silent auction and 50/50 raffle draw to help fund research and support for those affected by this debilitating disease.

3. Does the Spring Soirée draw a large, diverse crowd?

While the event targets HR focused students and professionals, the crowd will come from various areas in HR. We see that HR is crucial in not just recruitment, but benefits, corporate culture, and employee engagement as well. The purpose of the event is for students and professionals to come together and exchange information in this increasingly diverse department of the company.

4. What are students hoping to gain from the evening?

Through this event, we would like to provide the opportunity for students with a passion in Human Resources Management to meet with HR professionals and gain insight into a career in HR. We encourage students to spark conversations and build warm networking connections with these professionals, to learn about the nuts and bolts of working in the industry that the students are still very unfamiliar with.

5. Why would it be beneficial for someone who works full-time to attend?

This is a great opportunity for organizations to promote their company or organization to a receptive environment of students and industry professionals, interact with the brightest up-and-coming Human Resources students, and exchange information on the latest trends and news in the Human Resource industry.

For more information, you can contact Jocelyn Tang at jocelyn_tang@sfu.ca

It’s easy to forget what it was like to balance full-time school (classes and homework) with part-time work.  Even more so, consider attempting to maintain a healthy social life, family time and periods of rest. It doesn’t take much time in the full-time workforce to be grateful that your school days are behind you.

So kudos must be given when students make a point to expand their experience outside the classroom to become better prepared for full-time working life. Consider at the very least how much you enjoy networking – as a working person – and imagine how that fear is multiplied for students who most likely have limited direct working experience in their field.

Take the time to meet and support these ambitious SFU students on Monday March 25th at their annual Spring Soirée.  Building your career all starts with having the right conversation with the right person.  Who knows what kind of impact you may have on one of these optimistic students.

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