March & April with Coffee Shop HR

Last week we had a great response to our March World Café topic, “What is the Best Way to Manage a Virtual Team?”  

Here in North America, April marks the beginning of post-secondary graduation season.  To coincide with that cycle of celebrations, our HR Writers are preparing responses to the topic, “What three pieces of advice should post-secondary grads take to heart?” for our April World Café.  Our team includes seasoned HR professionals as well as recent grads, so it should be a great discussion.

This coming month, we’re changing the way we present our World Cafés on Coffee Shop HR: instead of posting all responses on the same day, they’ll be posted throughout the month.  That way each writer’s piece gets the attention it deserves, and you aren’t overwhelmed with responses on one particular day.

Another big change to our site that begins in April is the addition of Business Profiles.  Each month we’ll publish an unsolicited Business Profile.  The purpose of these two-page write-ups is to give job hunters a resource for quick and relevant information they can use when deciding whether a company represents their interests, and points to consider when deciding if this truly is the kind of place they would like to work.

There’s a urgency factor involved with job-hunting.  More often than not, people take the first option available to them for personal or financial reasons, which makes sense.  But some people don’t look at job postings because they’re looking to find new employment immediately.  Some people simply want to know what their options are.  By reading about how different businesses operate and support their staff, you empower yourself to be aware of what kinds of businesses you would prefer to work with.

So read on, and here’s to finding the employer and position that best fits your talent and interests!

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