Sweetening up the Workplace: The Fight Against Bullying

Carolyn Courage, CHRP

Carolyn Courage, CHRP

Strategies for anti-bullying have been at the forefront recently with the introduction of Bill 14. There are several formal ways to combat bullying in our work places such as policies, posters and training.  As HR people we have been attending workshops and doing research to ensure our workplaces comply with the new legislation.

The tools and guidelines are a good refresher of what should already be in place, but will they actually be effective in eradicating bullying and negative behaviour from our offices, shops or factory floors?

One of the workshops I attended regarding Bill 14 suggested being on the lookout for groups with high absenteeism, turnover, or low morale, stating that bullying could be a factor.

What if we look for the opposite? Departments or teams with low absenteeism, low turnover and high morale appear to have contented employees. Let’s figure out what the Manager or team leader is doing right and then formulate a plan to spread this harmony to the rest of the company.

If a characteristic of these positive work environments is great team work, we could direct the rest of the teams to create connections. This strategy could result in increased workplace engagement as a strategy to fight bullying.

In a workplace culture that is strong in mutual respect and teamwork, there is no room for disrespectful behaviour and negative attitudes. If problem solving, empowerment and teamwork are at the forefront, we may have an arsenal to fight bullying after all.

Easier said than done? Maybe not! What creates a positive culture? Engagement and FUN! What are some examples from your workplace?


Bullying in the workplace, Heenan Blaikie. October 28, 2011

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