Amazing Things Can Happen When You Decide to Take That First Step

Geraldine Sangalang, CHRP

Geraldine Sangalang, CHRP

It is truly amazing to me that has been live for six months. When I first started the site, my intentions were the same as they are now. But our successes continue to surprise me on a daily basis.

One of my major goals was to recruit writers from three different continents. I hoped to achieve this goal in three months. It took me six months, but with the addition of our newest writer Gareth Cartman, there are now ten Coffee Shop HR Contributors writing from three different continents.

The main reason why I started was because I enjoy facilitating thoughtful discussions, I appreciate the talents of others, and as someone at the beginning of my career, I wanted to show the world what I can do in my own way. Although my day job involves working with HR data and employee files, I`m not really able to engage in the conversations that excite me; payroll is not my greatest passion when it comes to challenging HR issues.

I took a big leap of faith in my own abilities when I began the site. But I was (and continue to be) inspired by HR sites including Fistful of Talent and HR Bartender. Something I realized from following Fistful of Talent in particular was the value in bringing other writers on board. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to writing is having a great idea; being open to inspiration is the key. If I was the only writer on Coffee Shop HR, it would have been a huge challenge to keep discussions fresh and relevant to what`s going on. But because I have invited contributors to share their abilities, the onus isn`t left to me alone.

On this six month anniversary of, I want to commend the two writers who have been with me from the beginning: Bonnie Milne, PhD and Michelle Yao. Thank you so much for sharing your work, and enlightening us with your perspectives. Thank you genuinely for trusting me along this adventure of ours.

I also want to thank you, our readers, wherever you are. It amazes me to see where our readers come from, and how they`re directed to Coffee Shop HR. It`s astounding and inspiring to see where traffic comes from on a map.

So I say to you dear reader, I truly have no idea what`s led you to my site. And honestly, unless I connect with you personally, I could never guess why you`ve decided to lend me your attention. But I do wish you the best of luck with your career. I hope you learn that any step you take involves simply that: one step. I thought about creating Coffee Shop HR for at least a year before I finally told my friends, “that’s it, on Nov 3rd, I’m going live.”

The concept of just taking one step was never as clear to me as when I took on a challenging hike in Vancouver called The Grouse Grind. It’s an extremely steep climb up a local ski mountain. Most people ride a gondola up the mountain, but in the summertime you can hike stairs made of rock, wood and earth. It was definitely one of the most physically challenging things I’ve ever done.

I remember having climbed for an hour, and taking one of the many breaks I took during the hike. I stepped off the trail with a friend. I looked up, completely out of breath and nearly out of water. I remember thinking, “holy crap, how am I going to make it up the mountain?” Then I looked down, and the steepness scared me more than I could have imagined because we had somehow traveled so far. Although I was breathless and scared quite frankly, I knew it would have been more cumbersome to trek my way down the mountain than to press on. So I kept saying to myself the rest of the way, “just this step, just focus on this one step.” And I did – somehow I made it up that mountain.

Coffee Shop HR has come a long way, and I intend to direct the site to grow in countless other directions.  But please know that all things – personal and professional development included – start at the beginning. I challenge you to take that first step, whatever it may be.

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