What will it take to retain the best talent over the next five years?

Joanne Kondo, CHRP

Joanne Kondo, CHRP

This blog post was written in response to the May 2013 Coffee Shop HR World Café topic: “What will it take to retain the best talent over the next 5 years?”

Sure you can offer your employees free coffee, designer desks and chairs, maybe cafeteria that serves food you can barely pronounce, or even a gym, but will that keep your most talented employees around? Of course not. It might help get them in the door but it definitely won’t keep them there.

If you want to keep your most talented employees take a look at what their manager is doing right. Employees often leave because of a poor manager, not necessarily because of how the company is run. Take the time to understand the manager’s style and how they communicate with their employees.

Of equal importance is acknowledging the contribution of the employee as well. Take the time to communicate and continue to engage them. Money talks and paying a retention bonus will make it harder for them to leave.

Lastly, ensure you have a succession plan. The person who manages your talented employee may one day leave. Develop your talent so that one day they can take over where their previous manager left off. Look for and develop up-and-coming talent and offer cross-training opportunities so that any future gaps can easily be filled internally.

2 thoughts on “What will it take to retain the best talent over the next five years?

  1. Danda Santos

    I’ve been at my place of employment for what seems like a millennia (a decade, actually…) so how do I stay interested? I’ve been blessed with bad managers who have motivated me to find other positions within the company. I have also been fortunate to have worked with wonderful managers who have taken the time to ask me where my passions for work are, and actively help me get there. Both kinds of management are great, but as an employee, you have to take the time to make your voice known as well. As an employer, the key is to keep your best talent engaged & give them the possibility of growth.


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