Navigating the CHRP Recertification

Carolyn Courage, CHRP

Carolyn Courage, CHRP

I am in the process of applying for recertification of my CHRP, a BC HR designation which stands for Certified HR Professional. I thought I would share some insight into what can be a daunting process. If you are not a BC reader, you can relate to this with your own professional designation I’m sure.

Every three years we have to apply for recertification by accumulating points over this same time. The alternative is re-writing the final exam which is not the preferred option for me anyway!

I was cautioned by the BC HRMA site and my Boss to keep track of my developmental activities (aka points) over the three years and not compile everything at the last moment. Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? Well, life happens and the busy HR world and evolving career left little time to focus on my recertification which seemed in the distant future.

Well, the time is here. I kept a hard copy file of the receipts and records of all the courses and workshops I attended over the last three years, and kept a tracker going on my computer. However, BC HRMA changed the recertification log last year so ensure you have the correct version!

How does one meet the daunting quota of 100 points? If you are lucky enough to attend workshops and conferences do so. You get 1 point per hour. You also get points for reading HR books. Any committees you sit on, as well as regular round tables or peer groups also count for points. I work in Training and Development which helps as I gain points for every new program I create and additional points for the first time I facilitated.

It is good to keep track as you go to avoid the panic of trying to gain points at the last minute! Also aim for more than the 100 points required just in case some don’t count. Also, keep those receipts and records of workshops attended in case BC HRMA audits you.

I hope this helps you on your journey to ensure a smooth recertification time.

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