Coffee Shop HR World Café

A World Café involves gathering a group of people into a room with the purpose of discussing a shared issue.  Participants are broken into groups of tables, and each table discusses some aspect of the general issue.

A Coffee Shop HR World Café is an online forum where each of our HR Writers writer respond to the same topic throughout the month.  This allows readers to really compare the different perspectives brought forward by our contributors:

November 2012 How can HR clearly demonstrate that bullying is unacceptable?
December 2012 Whose responsibility is it to ensure that employees are engaged in their work?
January 2013 Introduce us to someone who loves their job
February 2013 How equitable are corporate diversity strategies?
March 2013 What is the best way to manage a virtual team?
April 2013 What three pieces of advice should post-secondary grads take to heart?
 May 2013  What will it take to retain the best talent over the next five years?

3 thoughts on “Coffee Shop HR World Café

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