Challenge: Introduce us to people who love their jobs

This month’s online World Café is a different platform than the ones we’ve used before.  Instead of posing a question, I’ve asked all contributors to introduce us to someone who loves their job.  For those of us in developmental positions in our careers, for those of you who are new to your fields, and for anyone who’s just going through the motions of work, it’s inspiring to hear stories of success; examples of people who find joy in their current professions.

This Coffee Shop HR World Café has been written by the following contributors:

Bonnie Milne, PhDHR Writer

Bonnie Milne, PhD
HR Writer



People Who Love Their Jobs





Christine Ramage, CHRPHR Writer

Christine Ramage, CHRP
HR Writer



Edgewater Casino HR Coordinator Interview





Geraldine Sangalang, CHRPManaging Editor

Geraldine Sangalang, CHRP
Managing Editor



Meaningful Volunteer

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