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Seeking Brave HR Writers & Creative Artists for Coffee Shop HR

Join the Coffee Shop HR TeamIn today’s marketplace, the internet can serve as your dynamic calling card. Working in virtual teams and often paperless offices, you probably get more significant emails throughout the day than telephone calls.

It’s no wonder that employers scrutinize what their employees and prospective employees post online.

Coffee Shop HR is a site built on the submissions created by volunteers who care about initiating and discussing HR issues. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your gumption and creativity in a professional way.

If you’re an artist who’s dedicated to using media that’s not digital, this is an opportunity to build a portolio online.  We welcome art designed through any means – hand drawn, painted, digital, video, photographs.  Let your creativity be exposed to a wide business community.

We’re currently seeking volunteer HR Writers and Artists to contribute to Coffee Shop HR.  The Deadline to submit your resume is October 1, 2013.

Feel free to contact us at coffeeshophr@yahoo.com for more information or view the active postings:

Posting for HR Writers

Posting for Artists