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Recruiting New Coffee Shop HR Volunteers

We`re looking for new HR Writers, a Book Reviewer, and Political Cartoonists for Coffee Shop HR:

Posting for HR Writers

Posting for Book Reviewer

Posting for Political Cartoonists

Maybe you’re looking to build your personal brand to further your career, maybe you’re looking to showcase your work for the first time, or maybe you want to be a leader in thoughtful discussions. If you’re looking to join a talented group of writers, we’d love to hear from you! 

Deadline to apply for all positions is Feb 17, 2013.


Volunteer FAQs:

Do I have to work in HR to volunteer for Coffee Shop HR?

No, you don’t have to work in HR to volunteer for Coffee Shop HR.  But you must be willing to contribute thoughtful writing or art about HR-related topics.

What kind of topics should I be writing/drawing about?

Human Resources is a wide field; it applies to anything from ‘how to find a job’ to ‘how to discipline employees’ and everything in between.  As long as you’re writing about something that relates to human resources, or working life in general, you’ve found a great topic.  You can write about salaries, policy, to trying to find a job, bullying, comparisons between collective agreements in different countries, ageism, sexism, appropriate work dress, relationships between supervisors and employees … the options are endless.

Do I have to submit two articles each month?

If you’d like to volunteer as an HR Writer, yes you do have to submit two articles each month, without exception.  On the first of the month, you must submit an article on any topic of your choosing (as long as it relates to HR) and on the 15th of the month, you must submit a response to our Coffee Shop HR World Café (which is a topic you’ll receive one month in advance).

What if I only want to submit one article per month?

If you don’t think that you can commit to writing two articles/month, the HR Writer position is not for you.  We have two volunteer writing positions that do not require writers to respond to the Coffee Shop HR World Café Business Profile Writer & Book Reviewer, so you may consider applying for one of those volunteer positions.

Do I have to submit written articles?

It’s perfectly acceptable to submit podcasts, drawings, photographs, whatever artistic medium you can imagine.  As long as you’re submitting something original that pertains to human resources, we’d love to see it!

Can you give me topics to write about?

If you would feel more comfortable being assigned topics to write about, that’s perfectly ok.  The Managing Editor can also work with you to develop a topic that interests you.

Can I submit more than one original piece?

Yes, you can submit more than one original piece as long as you’re consistent.  For example, if you want to submit two original pieces and a response to the Coffee Shop HR World Café, you need to submit two original pieces and a Coffee Shop HR World Café response each month, not sporadically.

The same goes for Political Cartoonists: if you want to submit three pieces, we ask that you submit three each month.

When will my article/art be posted?

Your piece will be posted within 30 days of being submitted.  Your work will typically be posted on the Coffee Shop HR homepage on the same day each month.  For example, Christine Ramage’s original piece is posted on the first Monday of every month.

What are the deadlines for HR Writers?

1st of the Month: topic of your choice

15th of the Month: Coffee Shop HR World Café response

What is the deadline for Book Reviewers?

15th of the Month

What is the deadline for Business Profile Writers?

15th of the Month

When will I receive the Coffee Shop HR World Café Topic?

The Coffee Shop HR World Café topic is announced on the 15th of the previous month.

Example: on Jan 15th, the topic will be announced for the February 15th submissions.

Who chooses the topic?

The Managing Editor chooses the Coffee Shop HR World Café topic each month.  Anyone is welcome to submit topic suggestions to coffeeshophr@yahoo.com

Can I write about a topic that’s already been discussed?

Yes, you are more than welcome to write about a topic that’s already been discussed.

Coffee Shop HR: Join the Discussion from the Beginning

Today will be a historic one in the United States as either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is elected President. Since Barack Obama has been instrumental in changing so much in the US since the beginning of his Presidency in 2008, and since the Nation is such a powerful one, so much could change if Republican Mitt Romney is elected tonight.

What won’t change is that tomorrow you’ll have to go to work. And all day, you’ll encounter people who are already at work: bus drivers, sales clerks, teachers, and countless others.

Undoubtedly you’ll encounter unemployed people too. You likely have no idea whether the person standing beside you is employed, and really, I have no idea whether you’re employed yourself.

HR is something that most people only think about when they’re when they’re in trouble or looking for a change:

I’m scheduled to work 12 days in a row. Can they do that?

They laid off everyone but the four of us. The problem now is they’re giving us jobs that pay less than what we’re making now!

What do you mean, I have to apply for unemployment insurance for my Maternity Leave? Aren’t they going to keep paying me my full salary?

Human Resources policies and practices affect each working person’s life every day, and yet it’s only a point of discussion when major changes are forced upon us.

This is why I’ve built this blog: to encourage you to think about and question HR issues that may not even affect you today, but more likely will affect you in the future. When discussing employee issues at work, I hear time and again, ‘they don’t know what they don’t know.’ While this is certainly true, it’s no excuse for naiveté.

My goal for Coffee Shop HR is to bring thoughtful writers from around the world to discuss HR issues.  No matter what your profession or career aspirations, HR issues affect your work environment, well being, and your salary.
Currently Coffee Shop HR has three writers on board: Bonnie Milne, PhD in Dubai, Michelle Yao in Toronto, and myself in Vancouver.

Every 3rd Monday of the month, this site will host a Coffee Shop HR World Cafe.

A World Cafe involves gathering a group of people into a room with the purpose of discussing a shared issue.  Participants are broken into groups of tables, and each table discusses some aspect of the general issue.  As an online World Cafe, each writer will respond to the same topic each month, allowing readers to really compare the different perspectives which exist.

Our first Coffee Shop HR World Cafe will be held on Monday Nov 19, 2012.  The topic of discussion is ‘How can HR clearly communicate that bullying is unacceptable?

I’m happy to connect with anyone who is interested in contributing to Coffee Shop HR.  If you are interested in volunteering as a writer, contributing as a visual artist (including photographs or illustration) or submitting video posts, please feel free to contact me at coffeeshophr@yahoo.com.

Cheers!  And if you’re an American, please get out there and vote!

Geraldine Sangalang